From Twisted Sisters to Red Diaper Baby

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188 pages of Glitz, Guts & Glamour

Story Title
Canarsie Creeps Self-published 8-pager 1973 Canarsie Creeps
El Perfecto Comics Print Mint 1973 The Happy Couple Take Acid
Wimmen's Comix #2 Last Gasp 1973 Home Agin (3 pages)
Wimmen's Comix #3 Last Gasp 1973 The Agony and the Ecstasy of a Shayna Madel (2 pages)
Wimmen's Comix #4 Last Gasp 1974 She Chose Crime (4 pages)
Short Order #2 Family Fun 1974 Didi Glitz in Restless Reverie
Young Lust #4 Print Mint 1974 Claude 'n Didi Bottoms-Up
Arcade #1 Print Mint 1975 Bingo Bondage
Arcade #2 Print Mint 1975 A Bitter Pill
Arcade #3 Print Mint 1975 Frozen Creeps in Space
Arcade #4 Print Mint 1975 Brillo 'n Burma
Arcade #5 Print Mint 1976 Didi Glitz and the Three Bears
Twisted Sisters Comix Last Gasp 1976 The Fabulous World of Didi Glitz
Titters Collier 1976 Restless Reverie
Arcade #6 Print Mint 1976 A Perfectly Divine Vision with Didi Glitz
Arcade #7 Print Mint 1976 Some of My Best Friends Are
Lemme Outta Here Print Mint 1978 I'd Rather Be Doing Something Else: The Didi Glitz Story
Aftershock Last Gasp 1981 Mix 'n Match
Wimmen's Comix #9 Last Gasp 1984 Utterly Private Eye
Wimmen's Comix #10 Last Gasp 1985 Rubber Ware (2 pages)
Weirdo #13 Last Gasp 1985 Puttin' On the Glitz (1 page)
Weirdo #17 Last Gasp 1986 Didi Has an Orgasm (12 pages)
Weirdo #18 Last Gasp 1986 Glitz to Go (2 pages) and What Big Girls are Made Of (2 pages)
Wimmen's Comix #11 Renegade 1987 Cover and Glitz Tips (1 page) and Puttin' on The Glitz (paper doll)
Wimmen's Comix #12 Renegade 1987 A Blonde Grows in Brooklyn (1 page)
Wimmen's Comix #14 Rip-Off Press 1989 Don't Ask (3 pages)
Real Girl #1 Fantagraphics 1989 Lesbo-a-Go-Go (4 pages)
Wimmen's Comix #15 Rip-Off Press 1989 Coming of Age in Canarsie (1 page)
Wimmen's Comix #16 Rip-Off Press 1990 Meet Marvin Mensch (2 pages)
True Glitz Rip-Off Press 1990 solo book (32 pages) one new story, Life in the Bagel Belt (5 pages)
Weirdo Last Gasp 19 ? Back Cover / DiDi's Depressiuon Chamber
Twisted Sisters: A Collection of Bad Girl Art Viking-Penguin 1991 Editor & Contributor of Anthology
Wimmen's Comix #17 Rip-Off Press 1992 I Married a Hypochondriac (3 pages)
Twisted Sisters 2: Drawing the Line Kitchen Sink 1994 Baby Talk: A Tale of 4 Miscarriages
Mind Riot Simon & Schuster 1997 From Jawbreakers to Lawbreaker
The Comics Journal Winter Special Fantagraphics 2002 Didi Glitz in C'est Cheese
The Comics Journal Winter Special Fantagraphics 2003 I Was a Red Diaper Baby
Glitz-2-Go Fantagraphics 2012 Anthology 188 pgs